Design Your Own Flower Wall

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Design your very own bespoke Flower Wall to your own specification. 

In order to discuss your bespoke design, please contact us to discuss your requirements before ordering. We will contact you and discuss your design in more detail and will create to order.

Our bespoke Flower Walls are available as individual 60cm by 40cm panels. Each panel costs £60.00 per panel plus delivery, or add extra panels to create a complete Flower Wall.

If you are looking to buy a complete Flower Wall with a standard size of 8 foot by 8 foot, 24 panels of this panel will be required.

We can offer advice and guidance on how to create the Flower Wall upon purchase and will provide step by step assistance. 

Example order quantities:

2.4m x 2.4m Flower Wall = 24 panels

2.4m x 3.2m Flower Wall = 32 panels

2.4m x 4m Flower Wall = 40 panels

2.4m x 5.2m Flower Wall = 52 panels

2.4m x 6m Flower Wall = 60 panels